Community Guidelines

Welcome to Tinder!
Tinder is where meaningful connections can happen. It Starts With a Swipe™. Sometimes you click. Sometimes you don’t. And sometimes the talking leads to more. Opportunity is overflowing. Possibilities are endless. All (adults) are welcome to come explore.

We want Tinder to be a fun, safe and inclusive space where anyone can be themselves while getting to know others. That’s what these Community Guidelines are for–to set expectations for everyone’s behavior, both on and off of the app. So read on; not following these guidelines can have real consequences-from a nudge to a ban.

Tinder's Rules:

1. Consider boundaries. Comfort levels vary person to person. That’s why we don’t allow nudity, sexual content, sexual desires, or looking for sex on your public profile. If you are in a private conversation, these are okay if everyone is okay with it. Consent matters.

2. Share cautiously and thoughtfully. Don’t publicly broadcast your personal information or ways for people to connect with you (no public displays of things like phone numbers, emails, or social handles). Sharing out your bank account numbers or email password is always a bad idea. Don’t ask others to send you their personal details either. Be cautious when sending money to other people. Or maybe don’t at all.

3. Steer clear of violent content. We promote positivity and won’t tolerate any sort of violent content that contains gore, death, images or descriptions of violent acts (against humans or animals), use of weapons, and anything advocating or glorifying self-harm.

If we believe there’s a risk of imminent harm, we may take steps to assist, like reaching out directly with crisis resources.

4. Make personal connections, not biz ones. Don’t advertise, promote, share your social handles to gain followers, sell stuff, fundraise, or campaign. This also means Tinder isn’t the place for any sort of sex work, escort services, or compensated relationships. So, no–don’t use Tinder to find your sugarmamma.

5. Just be you. People want to meet the real you. Not your fake persona. Don’t create a fake account or pretend to be someone you’re not, even if it’s just for fun.

6. Communicate Respectfully. Talking to new people can be tricky, especially when you’re interacting with humans from all walks of life. Respect goes a long way.

If the convo goes unexpectedly awry and you find yourself getting upset or feeling angry–pause and reflect before you react. Harassment, threats, bullying, intimidation, doxing, sextortion, blackmail, or anything intentionally done to cause harm is not allowed.

Tinder is not a place for hate. We will never stand behind racism, bigotry, hatred, or violence based on who someone is, how they identify or what they look like. This includes (but not limited to) someone’s race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disability, physicality, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, or sexual orientation. If you see someone who doesn't meet your personal criteria, don't like them or unmatch and move on. Don't report them unless you think they've violated our policies.

7. Lead with kindness, not harm. Any acts or behavior that suggests, intends, or causes harm to another member - either on or offline, physically or digitally - will be taken very seriously. This includes anything calling for or inciting harm.

If you have been hurt by someone on Tinder: first, please take care of yourself, and second, take some time to decide what you need to heal, whether that be accountability measures, disclosure, support, or all of the above. If this includes reporting the harm to us, please reach out. We are here for you.

8. Adults only. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Tinder. This also means we don’t allow photos of unaccompanied or unclothed minors, including photos of your younger self–no matter how adorable you were back then.

9. Abide by the law. No illegal content or activities are allowed, ever. This means you can’t use Tinder to buy or sell drugs or counterfeit goods, or ask for assistance to help you break the law. We definitely won’t tolerate anyone using Tinder to advocate or participate in any sort of harm involving minors or human trafficking.

10. One account per person. Each account can only have one owner. For logistic and privacy reasons, we can’t support multiple people accessing the same account, each individual needs to have their own.

11. This is your space, post your own content. Don’t post images or private messages from other people unless you’ve been given consent to do so. Don’t post work that’s copyrighted or trademarked by others.

12. Be an honest member of the Tinder community. Don’t abuse Tinder. Don’t use Tinder to spread false or misleading info. Don’t spam harmful links or unsolicited content. Don’t create mass accounts. Don’t use Tinder to manipulate, con, or get people to send you money or anything else. Don’t submit misleading reports. Don’t use third-party apps to unlock features or game the system.

13. Stick around to stay active. If you don’t log into your Tinder account in two years, we’ll assume it’s zzZZzzZ and may delete it for inactivity. So if you want to be seen in the app, just log in from time to time.


As a member of the Tinder community, we encourage you to speak up and speak out. If someone is causing you harm, making you feel uncomfortable, or is violating our Community Guidelines–report it. Your report is always confidential. By reporting, you can help us stop harmful behavior and protect others.


We take our Community Guidelines and the impact they have on our community seriously. We’ll do everything we can to make sure people follow them. We have a warning system in place, but if violations continue or if the violation is severe, we will respond accordingly.

We reserve the right to investigate and/or terminate accounts without a refund of any purchases if we find you have misused the Service or behaved in a way Tinder deems inappropriate, unlawful, or in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, including actions or communications that occur off the Service but involve others you meet through the Service.