Summary of Terms

You must read and agree to our Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) because it forms the binding contract between you and Tinder. However, we’ve provided this short summary for your convenience (with capitalized terms defined in the Agreement).

Acceptance. By using the Services, you agree to this Agreement, our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Community Guidelines and Safety Tips, and any terms that apply to in-app purchases you make.

Eligibility. Before you create an account, make sure you are eligible to use our Services. For example, you must be at least 18 to use the Services, and you must not be a sex offender or convicted felon. See the Agreement for a full list of eligibility rules. 

Modifying the Services; Termination. We may modify the Services at any time or discontinue them altogether. You can terminate your account in Settings, and we reserve the right to terminate it for you if you violate this Agreement or if we deem your use of the Service to be inappropriate.

Content. You are responsible for Your Content, including any content that you upload or provide while using our Services. You may not post illegal or inappropriate content. You do not have any rights to our content or other people’s content. 

Safety. Tinder is not responsible for the actions of its users or your interactions with them, and we don’t conduct background checks. Be careful and be sure to read and follow our Safety Tips on interacting with people on or off of Tinder.

Rights. Tinder grants you the right to use our Service as authorized and permitted by this Agreement. See the Agreement for a full list of actions you agree not to take. You grant Tinder a license to use Your Content, including the right to display your profile.

Rules. See the Agreement for a list of the rules you agree to abide by when you use Tinder, such as not soliciting money from other users, harassing other users or using the Service for any illegal purposes.

In App Purchases. Tinder may offer services for purchase through mobile platforms such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Those purchases are governed by the terms of the platforms. Most purchases are not refundable except as may be required by law, and certain services only grant you a specified license, as further described in the Agreement. Some purchases, such as subscriptions, will automatically renew until you cancel. 

Copyright. If you believe your work has been posted on the Service in violation of your copyright, please send a notice to our Copyright Agent following instructions in the Agreement.

Disclaimers. Our Service is provided “as is,” and we disclaim legal liability for the quality, safety, or reliability of our Service.

Limitation of Liability. To the extent allowed by law, we limit our liability to you for certain types of damages for claims relating to your use of the Service, the conduct of other users and unauthorized access or use of your Content. Our aggregate liability will not exceed the fees you pay us.

Arbitration. Our Agreement contains a mandatory arbitration clause. You agree that any disputes will be settled by arbitration, and you waive your right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. This does not apply to users residing in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom or elsewhere where prohibited by law.

Governing Law; Venue. Texas law applies to this Agreement. Actions for disputes relating to this Agreement must be brought in Dallas, Texas. Users in the European Economic Area may bring claims in their country of residence.

Indemnity. You agree to indemnify us for actions arising out of your use of the Service, Your Content or your violation of this Agreement.

Special Terms. Certain additional special terms apply for residents of certain countries and US states. See the Agreement for more detail.